Privacy Statement

Let's make that one short:

This website DOES NOT

  • store any personal information
  • place any persistent cookies in your browser
  • embed any services that are suitable to track you

...because we value your privacy as much as our own!

Please be aware that some external links lead to services, such as Google Maps or, which have their own privacy policies. That is why we do not embed any of such content but rather link to it externally. So, as long as you stay on, above statement applies 100%.

A more technical Explanation:

There is only one cookie set when you visit our site. It is a so-called session-cookie, which is used by our hosting provider to ensure your browser stays on right one of their servers during your visit. This cookie exists solely for technical reasons. It does not store any personal information and gets deleted immediately when you close your browser. (In short, it does what cookies where originally invented for.)

Apart from this website

When you book a room we store your name and address for our invoices, which we are legally obligated to keep for a period of 6 years.

If you choose to book online via, please refer to their privacy statement for further information on personal data stored by Leroy's Lodge is merely a customer to and has no influence on their business conduct.